AI Copilot for Work
Perform research, write long documents, and extract insights in seconds.
GPT4-Powered Tools For All

Students: Solve a complete homework assignment based on a PDF reading 📘

Lawyers: Write a letter based on background information ✉️

Finance pros: Analyze a spreadsheet with ML models 🤖💻

PMs: Analyze a competitor, perform market research 📈

Use cases

UnionX enables AI-powered workflows in all industries:

  • Product management
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Data science
  • Education
  • ...and more!

Block-based Editor

Easily gather documents, analyze them, and generate new documents or insights. Use a workflow inspired by Jupyter notebooks, the leading data science analysis tool.

📃 Document &table editors

🤖 AI action &chat blocks

📊 Visualisations (coming soon)

📚 Knowledge bases

🖋️ Form filling (coming soon)

📓 Jupyter-style notebooks


UnionX features cutting edge technology and patterns from the AI and data science world.

  • OpenAI 's GPT4 model
  • Jupyter notebook-style workflows
  • Langchain tools for large document analysis
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